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Rosemarie Urbanski, M.F.S.

Managing Partner

Bachelors Degree - Ottawa University

Master of Forensic Science - National University



Associate Director

BA, Psychology-University of Arizona

MS, Criminal Justice - University of Alabama

Masters In Forensic Science-National University

Ph.D, Psychology-Walden Univeristy

Former Director-Arizona Office Of Special Investigations

College Instructor-Criminal Justice & Forensic Science

Expert-Forensic Psychophysiology













                           PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR

Arizona Private Investigators, Arizona Private Investigations, Phoenix Arizona Drake Investigations handles investigations from crime scenes, criminal, civil and any private investigations needs.  Phoenix Arizona Private Investigation Agency.


Specializing in:

Civil, Criminal

Domestic-Child Custody

Forensic Services

Financial  Investigation



Call: 602 240-2240


For more than forty years,  Drake Investigations has been providing professional private investigation services.  Our services  include private investigations of all types, forensic science, forensic computer recovery, financial fraud investigations, forensic accounting, litigation support, polygraph, electronic eavesdropping detection / wiretap detection, counterintelligence, voice analysis, custom video surveillance systems, and training seminars around the world. 

We provide the most advanced techniques nationally, for the private investigation of criminal, civil, domestic, and child custody cases.  Our staff consists of in-house professional private investigators, forensic scientists, behavioral scientists, and polygraph examiners.  Compare our private investigators training, experience, education and price, and you will see we are the best choice.

With offices in Phoenix, Arizona; Tucson, Arizona; Chicago, Illinois, we offer professional private investigation services throughout the United States, and around the world.  We have provided services in France, England, Italy, Canada, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, South Africa, China, Japan, and Mexico. 

We have provided our services to fortune 100 and 500 corporations, medium and small businesses, members of the United States Congress, United States Senate, and to presidential candidates. We have also provided services to financial institutions, electronics manufacturers, aerospace industry, transportation companies, the food, beverage and hotel industry, law enforcement agencies, department of defense contractors, as well as, state, federal and local governments.

Drake Investigations,  is a multifaceted, interdisciplinary organization, that provides state of the art services, with highly qualified personnel.  We are one of the largest organizations in the United States, that can perform delicate and confidential investigations, as well as related investigative services. 

Our laboratory can analyze hair, fibers, glass, soil, paint, dye, ink and most forms of physical evidence. We can provide document examination utilizing infrared and ultraviolet radiation, chromatography, laser and various forensic photographic techniques. 

The Drake Investigations, is dedicated to provide excellence in customer satisfaction. We have been Phoenix private investigators for over 40 years.  We provide a written guarantee, that ensures complete and absolute confidentiality. Our investigations have resulted in the arrest and conviction of employees and others for crimes such as industrial espionage, sabotage, arson, fraud, theft, homicide, embezzlement, and a host of other felonious acts.

   Drake Group

Phoenix Private Investigators

Private Investigations Nationally

5635 N Scottsdale Road

Suite 170

Scottsdale, Arizona 85250


  PHONE: (602) 240-2240


 OUT OF AREA: (800) 856-9793






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